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Max Kellerman: There’s ‘plenty of doubt’ about Lakers having guaranteed spot in NBA Finals

LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard
Photo: AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Sports analyst Max Kellerman is not confident at all that the Los Angeles Lakers have their place in the NBA Finals locked. Unlike his colleague Stephen A. Smith, Kellerman sees plenty of threats for LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the Western Conference.

“That’s possible but I think there’s plenty of doubt,” Kellerman said on First Take in response Stephen A. Smith’s statement that the Lakers will come out of the West in the playoffs. “Number one, the Western Conference. Let’s not pretend this is the same old Jazz. This is something different. Mike Conley was not Mike Conley last year he is this year. He’s one of the best players in the league.

When you combine them with Donovan Mitchell, just consider that the Jazz gave the Nuggets its one of the all-time great seven-game series in the first round, gave them everything they wanted without Bogdanovic. Now add him and also add the real Mike Conley. They’re being compared to the Spurs from several years ago. Those teams beat everyone. They beat LeBron James’ teams, they beat everyone, they beat the Lakers. And for good reason they’re being compared to them.

“And then the Clippers. The Clippers have gotten better when healthy. Not only does Paul George has a lot to make up for now but they have Ibaka and as I mentioned Nick Batum. who’s back to playing kind of like he played when he got that max deal or close to it in the first place.

That’s just in the Western Conference. And I haven’t even mentioned Denver or Dallas can get it all together, right? It’s choppy waters in the Western Conference.”

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