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Euroleague regular season: game 4
Was at the OAKA, a great game featuring two great teams with great players. Lots of passion, tactics, energy, nerves and real basketball.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Jasikevicius was in the starting five, something definitely up I though to myself. And when the score went to 22-11 I knew that something was up... not for long though as Spanoulis entered to replace Jasikeivicus <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />

All in all a great game and one of the best plays I've seen by Jasikevicius' INCREDIBLE NO LOOK BEHIND THE BACK PASS. Simply genius. One in a kind. I just love this guy!

Sorry, was too busy biting my nails in agony to take any pics.
Respect and thanks for everything:

Alvertis, Bodiroga, Jasikevicius, Radja, Wilkins, Vrankovic, Fotsis, Rebraca, Kattash, Gentile, Koch, Middleton, Kutluay, Rogers, Papadopoulos, Becirovic, Tomasevic, Siskauskas, Pekovic, Lakovic, Vujanic, Chatzivrettas, Maljkovic, Spanoulis and many more to follow in the near future.
[Image: vspa.jpg]

I really enjoyed last week. I watched (TV of course) 3 games (Oly vs Maccabi, Pao vs Siena and CSKA vs Efes). Oly did a great job in defense, especially in the second and the third period, but it's too risky if you ask me, starting every single game so far with this "nonchalent" mood. I just don't get it. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Unsure' />

As for CSKA, a phrase like "no comment" would be suitable for this team. Just the bball I love to watch. Truly, the biggest favorite for this Euroleague. Let's see if they will (finally) manage to enter the "repeat club", just like Maccabi, Jugoplastika, Cibona, Tracer, Cantu, Real Madrid and ASK Riga did in the past.

PS. What's your opinion guys on Bouroussis ? He's a high quality center in my opinion, in the top 10 of Euroleague for sure. His bball development, was just incredible.
Welcome back mate!

Bouroussis has impressed me for sure. Even though I saw only one game of Olympiacos this season in Euroleague so far. That was a game against Maccabi. He did a great job. I think Giannakis knows how to use his abilities.
He improved more and more in last two years.

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