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Full Version: Funny basketball videos, photos, comics etc
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[Image: nowitzki_drunk.jpg]
Is that Dirk???
Yes it is. And since you are so surprised, here are some more photos:

[Image: nash_nowitzki_drunk.jpg]

[Image: doingthenash.jpg]

Yes, that's Steve Nash.
Where were the shots taken? You could sell them and earn a living!
Yes i could but someone obviously someone already did.

I found them online, can't even remember how, it was last year.

I suppose they are in a club or something.
Some of them in the first post are quality and a good laugh!

The second one is very good
[Image: anri.jpg]
Quote:[Image: doingthenash.jpg]

Haha That's a good one, the party animal
Hahhaha I can't believe this is Steve..he looks so drunk hahaha
Macas on the bench during Olympiacos vs Prokom Trefl:

DeJuan Collins interview after Zalgiris 75-69 Montepaschi

LOL at DC Everytime his interviews are getting more and more hilarious. What shall we see next?
hhh is he on dopes?!!??
Quote:hhh is he on dopes?!!??

I think this interview answers your question

I like collins a lot. good solid PG..
NBA Access Moments 2007

The usual atmosphere after Euroleague wins in Zalgiris' dressing room.

French commentators during Lithuania vs USA in Athens Olympics and their emotions during Saras' show:

Ahahaha this is fucking hilarious alalalala baby baby baby
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