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Full Version: Funny basketball videos, photos, comics etc
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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Vilius that was hilarious! He is a good impersonator I remember seeing that on air and I forgot all about it. Damn that guys talented. Charles Barkley is a funny guy by himself as well.

Also the MAD TV Shaq impersonator todays lesson is "Don't be raping and the Lakers can win without Kobe" lmao!!!!! Too funny
Here is a collection of funny NBA photos. Enjoy!
Quote:AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Vasilis that was hilarious!

Who is Vassilis?
Quote:Who is Vassilis?

Vasilis is my imaginary Greek friend. Sometimes I see post that aren't there. I'm off my meds. Crazy No I just spelled the dudes name wrong. Biggrin I think you misspelled my misspelling. Maybe you are off your meds too. Cool LOL
Great video Black Urum! David Villa is boss!! It seems that Spain has so much talent these days in footbol and basketball. Can you believe the WC 2014 will be in Spain too?? I think Spain will have good chance to be champions in 2014! Spain is looking dangerous.
Stop spamming... you already mentioned it in a separate thread you created some minutes ago.

We prefer you being honest and saying it is your website and give the link to it, we have no problem with that. But we hate liars and spammers. So stop it now...

Nate Robinson and some other guy take down Shaq, who doesn't take it so well...
Quote:Nate Robinson and some other guy take down Shaq, who doesn't take it so well...

Hey Black, the other guy is Rajon Rondo also of the Boston Celtics.

EPIC!! I saw the pic of this but i did not know there was a video! This is just hilarious! Freakin Funny!!! EPIC!! made me laugh so hard. Is there anything funnier than this????

oh and the girl in drag is Hoopz!!
wtf?? is that official?
You have to watch this...

LOL @ CSKA website...
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