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Full Version: Portuguese basketball 2008/09
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Main news right now is that Ovarense, the current LCB champion, decided not to re-sign Spanish coach Manuel Molinero after he became champion and took the team with the season going on after Luís Magalhães left for Angola. The reason for this decision is of financial nature, Ovarense will have a reduced budget for next season mainly because their main sponsor, Aerosoles, will suspend the sponsorship.
Porto will also not re-sign coach Alberto Babo, predictably after he club lost the finals to Ovarense.
Ovarense reached an agreement with coach Mário Leite for he will become the team's main coach after assisting Manuel Molinero and handling the club after Luís Magalhães left. A safe bet no doubt (and a cheaper one of course).
Carlos Andrade (and Bruesa) will play next season in ACB. Bruesa won the extra spot by beating Tenerife 81-76 in the final. Andrade had 10 pts + 7 rebs.
Preparation games* roster for Eurobasket 2009 qualies were revealed:

Carlos Andrade - Bruesa (ESP)

Elvis Évora - Ovarense

Francisco Jordão - 1º Agosto (ANG)

Jaime Silva - Vigo (ESP)

João Figueiredo - Porto

João Gomes - Breogán (ESP)

João Santos - Valladolid (ESP)

Jorge Coelho - Palencia (ESP)

José Costa - CAB

Mário Fernandes - Plasencia (ESP)

Miguel Miranda - Ovarense

Nuno Cortez - Ovarense

Nuno Marçal - Porto

Paulo Cunha - Porto

Coach: Moncho López (ESP)

* vs Spain (18th July), vs Russia (19th July) and vs Lithuania (21st July)
Ovarense re-signed PFs André Pinto and Miguel Miranda for 1 season.
With the extinction of the previous competition model, the new league will carry a new name, LPB (Liga Profissional de Basquetebol) and will comprise 12 teams that will also play against the Proliga division teams (12 as well). Apart from the cross rounds with Proliga teams (which purpose I don't fully understand), it seems right <!-- s:cool: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/coolio.gif[/img]<!-- s:cool: -->

Porto signed Júlio Matos as their new coach.

Guimarães signed F Fernando Neves from Ovarense.
Ovarense re-signed G Nuno Manarte and C Nuno Cortez.

Both players were wanted by Spanish LEB Bronze side Vigo (now coached by Ovarense's former coach Manuel Povea).
Vagos signed G João Reveles from Ginásio. Great signing.
Sérgio Ramos returns to Benfica after 9 years. One of the greatest Portuguese players ever, great signing for the reds.
The teams for next season's new (crossed) competition were made known:

LPB (1st division)












Física Torres Vedras

Proliga (2nd division)









Angra Basket



Ovarense made too big re-signings looking ahead for next season: Gregory Stempin and João Abreu.
Ginásio signed veteran G José Costa for 1 season from CAB.
CAB signed veteran G Carlos Seixas from Lusitânia.
[quote name='"rikhardur":h1omva94']CAB signed veteran G Carlos Seixas from Lusitânia.[/quote]

He asked to be released due to personal problems (had to stay in mainland Portugal, CAB is in Madeira island), he's now a free agent.

Eurobasket 2009 qualification, 1st game - Portugal 70 Estonia 79 <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;">[url=""][/url] ... amID_.html</a><!-- m -->
Guimarães signed American F Mario Boggan (25, 2.01m) from Anaheim Arsenal (NBDL).
Académica signed G Karlton Mims from Benfica.
Ovarense signed C Ajmal Basit (30, 2.06m) from Jena.
Guimarães signed two more Americans: F Willie Taylor (29, 1.93m) and C Donte Minter (24, 2.06m).

Vagos signed F Dan Coleman (23, 2.06m).

Barreirense signed F Amílcar Gomes (33, 2.00m) from Seixal and C Calvin Brown (25, 2.06m) from Akropol.
CAB re-signed F Mário Jorge for 1 season.
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