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Vanessa Bryant’s transformation is seriously turning heads

Photo via Usmagazine.com

Vanessa Bryant is an American icon. The wife of Kobe Bryant, Vanessa is best known for her decades-long relationship with the athlete, but there’s much more to this woman than her marriage. Here’s the stunning transformation of Vanessa Bryant.

Even though she seems to have had some talent for acting as a teenager, Vanessa Bryant wanted to become a makeup artist. Instead of doing either, she became a model albeit accidentally.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bryant was still in high school when she was discovered at a hip hop concert at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in August 1999, just before the start of her senior year of high school.

She ended up getting several jobs as a music video model with her mother accompanying her to each job. Bryant would go on to appear in videos for artists like Krayzie Bone and Snoop Dogg, unaware that her career would soon lead to her meeting the love of her life.

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