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Mike Budenholzer: “We just have a mentality that we will play. It’s important for all of us to function that way”

While some NBA fans believe that the season won't resume due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Milwaukee Bucks are still working hard as if they will eventually be back on the court.

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Despite the circumstances, the Milwaukee Bucks are still focusing on improving as a team while trying to stay healthy and in top physical condition.

“We are operating and functioning and just have a mentality that we will play,” Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said Wednesday during a conference call, per ESPN. “I think it’s important for players and all of us to function that way, to think that way, and it’s out of our hands.”

Commissioner Adam Silver stays positive and believes that it’s all about having the right mentality. “Luckily, they [the league office] will make the hard decisions and they’ll do what’s best for everybody, but I think it’s certainly important that we kind of operate and have a mentality that we will play again, and we’ll be excited about that if and when it does happen.”

According to All-Star guard Khris Midletton, the players have maintained contact since the March 11 stoppage via group chat. Even though the players are not able to use the team’s facilities to practice, that’s not a problem. In-home workouts and basketball drills will keep the Bucks in top physical condition.

During the time off, Budenholzer is getting as much video preparation as possible while enjoying spending time with his family. “Basketball-wise, I would say we are kind of finding ways to dig into potential playoff opponents, maybe not just first round, but Eastern Conference,” Budenholzer said. “And right now that’s kind of where we are, with kind of a little bit more emphasis on if the season ended today it’s very, very close with Orlando and Brooklyn [as the seventh and eighth seeds].”

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