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Starting five of deals from Italian league

The global crisis has had an impact on Italian basketball as all around, the level seems increasingly low. With that in mind; what players are poised to surprise? Are there good rookies?

Considering only players coming from other leagues,this is my starting five:

Center: Richard Hendrix is the crown of jewel of Armani Milano off-season. A good rebounder on both ends, enjoys physical contact in the paint and is a good scorer. He shouldn’t have problems with any center currently on Italian rosters. Also for Euroleague he is an above average frontcourt player.

Power forward: Julian Mavunga is a do-it-all forward blessed with size and athleticism to have an impact early in his career. Biella has made an habit of taking under the radar players that develop before leaving, usually for a big dollar buyout.

Small forward: Ramone Moore is another example of Biella’s ability in offseason. A good athlete and shooter from Temple, a synonym for good defense. He should lead his team in scoring from the backcourt, because he is coupled with Russell Robinson, another good defender but not much of a scorer.

Guard: Scottie Reynolds was an all-America at Villanova, and with two seasons of experience under his belt, he should be a good bet for top scorer in Lega A. An excellent shooter from all over the court, with a good season his next stop should be a top team.

Playmaker: Jerry Smith will start his European career with Bennet Cantu. Smith is a good defender and could develop nicely with coach Trinchieri. An improved shooter, Smith bring an hardnosed style that fit very well in Cantu.

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