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Serie A sees increase in attendance numbers

The Italian championship, Serie A, just crossed the line of half regular season, so, it’s time to take a look at figures regarding attendance and gate income.

So far, the average of spectators at the arenas is 3.859 per game, which is 1,1 % more than last season. The gate income has also incvreased, in this case 4,1 % in relation to 2009-2010; the average gate incone is currently 43.823 euros per game.

Regarding atteandance figures, the top game in the championship as of today is the one thaat Canadian Solar Virtus Bologna and Armani Jeans Milano played at the FuturShow Station in Bologna last December 19, which took 8.119 fans to the arena and a gate income record of 108.624 euros.

In terms of teams, those with a bigger attendance at their home games in the Agos Ducato 2010-2011 championship are Canadian Solar Virtus Bologna, which averages 7.972 fans per game, followed by Armani Jeans Milano with 4.952 and Montepaschi Siena, taking 4.915 fans per game at the PalaEstra.

Source: Lega Basket A

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