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Is the success of Anadolu Efes coincidence?

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Anadolu Efes are having very good season this year and second term of last year. They are the first in Europe League and Turkish League. So, how did that happen or what are the factors affecting this situation? I think, there are two reasons for these situation. Firstly, team has creative players and secondly, has a good coach.

How many creative players in a team? An average of one or two. Anadolu Efes has six creative players such as Larkin, Micic, Simon, Moerman, Beaubois, Bugrahan. The more you have this type of player, the more you can. Creative players can score, assists or cut to the pot with the ball. For instance, Larkin scored 49 points in Bayern Münich match and broke a record. Micic asist average is 6.1 , this is great statistic.

The other topic is coach effect in team. The coach choose players, find tactics and guides players. Anadolu Efes’s coach is Ergin Ataman. He is a good coach. He has very good offensive sets and he knows which player the use in which situations. When Ergin Ataman arrives, Anadolu Efes was the last in Europe League and after he came, Anadolu Efes became champion in Turkish League after ten years. This is not a coincidence.

As a result, as successful as the champion team. Because it has a good creativly players and good coach. If you have good players and good coach, you become one of the champion candidates. In my opinion, if Anadolu Efes is continues like this , it will be champion in Euroleague.

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