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Kirilenko: I would like to play in ACB

In an interesting interview Andrei Kirilenko revealed that he would like to play in ACB. Read the full interview.

Andrei, effective of July 1 you are a free agent. How is a the search for a new job going?

I’ve never been in a similar position during my career. Taking lockout into consideration I honestly don’t know my next career station. Many players would like to stay in NBA but the lockout has opened up a lot of possibilities.

Is your priority staying in NBA?

I’m in a better situation that the players who have valid contracts with NBA teams. If the lockout ends they will have to return to their teams. As a free agent I can play the entire next season in Europe, or even more than one season.

Could we speak of official offers you have in your hands?

So far I don’t have any official offers. This is just the second day I’m unemployed. There are five-six clubs I would be interested in playing for. I will hear out all offers and then make up my mind. Team targets, the league they play in will all be important factors. I’m in good shape and going through my basketball peak, so I would like to play on a high level. I think I still have three-four years. What I consider highest level? NBA or Top Euroleague teams. I can shine there.

Do you have offers from NBA teams?

Not yet. And I can’t have any from now on because clubs can’t talk to players during a lockout.

Are you considering returning to Russia?

Due to the lockout I have the opportunity to play for my friends, relatives and Russian fans who live in Russia. They would love to see me playing in Russia. Of course I’m not considering only Russia, but for example ACB too. That’s the strongest European league. I would like to test myself there. But it’s still early to talk about any particular teams. My agent is going through the teams so that he can suggest a shortlist of teams I could be interested in, in a couple of weeks. It’s a delicate process. I must be interested in the team and the team playing style must suit me. The most important factors for a player are the team coach, team targets and organisation. My family is the priority in my life. I will decide taking into account all the above parameters.

How are you spending your vacation?

Vacation is going well. I’m on vacation for a month now, I keep fit and preparing for the (Russian NT) gathering. I will soon meet my friends from the Russian NT. In a couple of days Sergey Monya, Viktor Khryapa and Vitaly Fridzon will fly in. We will spend some leisure time together, maybe a week or two and then head to Russian NT.

Will you join Russia NT during the second stage of the training camp?

I would like to join them earlier. I will join them during the camp in Slovenia, on July 20-21. From then on I will start preparation for Eurobasket.

Source: Nadezhda Perepechko, RIA Novosti

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