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Bourousis involved in doping scandal (updated)

Photo: Greek Reporter

Greek International (or should we say former International?) player Ioannis Bourousis has been involved in the biggest sporting scandal in the history of the modern Greek state, in a case involving games fixing, doping, money laundry and spying.

But let’s take things from the start. Since last evening the biggest game fixing scandal of Greek football has been unfolding. More than ten persons who were involved in the games fixing have been arrested so far, five more are wanted, while charges will be brought upon another eighty five persons.

The “criminal organisation” as the Greek Police called the group is consisted of Greek top and lower divisions football clubs president and major shareholders, former and active football players (including a current International one), former and current referees and more.

So where does Bourousis come in this case you might wonder? Well, he is dating the sister of Kavala FC president, Stavros Psomiades, who has been arrested and charged with games fixing, while his girlfriend’s father Makis Psomiades (major shareholder of Kavala FC) is also wanted, but is evading arrest, so far.

The game fixing clique was brought down with the help of Greek Secret Services who intercepted the calls and texts of hundreds of “persons of interest”. One of phone calls included a dialogue between Ioannis Bourousis and Makis Psomiades, which is as following (as written in the official Greek General Prosecutor report).

Bourousis: Good morning, Mr. Makis, how are you?

Psomiades: Good morning. Congrats my boy.

Bourousis: Thank you.

Psomiades: My guys are suffering from the same thing, can’t sleep.

Bourousis: Yes Mr. Makis, I haven’t been getting good sleep.

Psomiades: Yes, same as my guys [obviously talking about Kavala FC players], they can’t sleep.

Bourousis: It’s that much effective Mr. Makis?

Psomiades: Yes, and the more you play, the more effective it gets. Last night we were watching the game [of Olympiacos BC] with Mantzourakis [Kavala FC coach at that time] and the General Manager at Sofitel Hotel and you know what they both told me? “Only Bourousis is playing with passion and is ready to destroy everyone” without knowing anything about it… (laughs)

Bourousis: They don’t have a clue [can’t make out the rest of dialogue]… (laughs)

Psomiades: Everyone are playing one level below you, both Panathinaikos and Olympiacos players. You were playing at least twice harder. After you dunked in the last two minutes Angelopoulos brothers were happily jumping up and down, the cameras zoomed on them.

Bourousis: Yes, those idiots [obviously referring to Angelopoulos brothers] came down to the court [after the game], and tried to talk to me, but I played dumb and avoided them. But Mr. Makis you should know that the “medicine” has run out.

Psomiades: Don’t worry boy, I will get you more. When do you need it?

Bourousis: I need some for the [A1] finals.

Psomiades: So when do you want it?

Bourousis: Mid May.

Psomiades: Are you nuts? Of course I will get some for you by then. I will make some for you boy.

Bourousis: OK Mr. Makis. Can we get together or are you leaving to Kavala?

Psomaides: No, I will come to your place [Bourousis and his girlfriend, Psomiades’ daughter] and watch the game there. I’m not paying a ticket to those bastards [Kavala FC opponents]. I’m going to Kavala in 1-2 days, to pay the guys.

Bourousis: All right, see you.

Psomiades: OK boy, congrats.

Ever since last February there were speculation and rumours regarding Bourousis in the inner circles of Greek basketball due to the one month leave of absence he was given by his coach Dusan Ivkovic, a fact reported by TalkBasket, back then. When asked about it, his coach Dusan Ivkovic blamed Bourousis’ “irregular metabolism”.

In case you are wondering how Bourousis was never caught, the answer is simple. Greek A1 is virtually an anti-doping test free league since late 2010 and early 2011 as the anti-doping agency and their agents are on strike, because ESAKE, which organises A1 league, owed them 35.000 euros. Ever since there hasn’t been any tests after the games but only on the new foreign players when they are first signed, because the clubs pay for those tests themselves.

Important update: The prosecutor has brought criminal charges against Bourousis for breaking the doping law. The player will also be called for questioning to determine what he meant by “medicine” in the phone conversation.

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