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TalkBasket’s guide to Berlin

BerlinTwo of TalkBasket.net reporters are already in Berlin and are presenting Euroleague fans who will be attending the Final Four a guide to the host city. Where to eat, where to drink, shop or even shoot some hoops. We are assuming that all the attendants have already booked a place to stay and we will not cover accommodation.

Tip: in order to see the place on the map, click on the number in the square brackets.


There are endless restaurants, stands and snack bars throughout the city offering everything from kebabs (and other Turkish specialties) to French fries, pizza, currywurst (German sausage), grilled chicken etc. Here are a few tested places that offer the correct balance of quality and price.

• Max und Moritz[1]. Restaurant serving German specialties like schnitzels, sausages, sauerkraut etc. Generous portions at a very reasonable price. Oranienstrasse 162, 10 969 Berlin 36 (Kreuzberg)
• Hühner Haus[2]. Right at the entrance of Görlitzer Park on the Skalitzerstrasse. Serves grilled chicken.
• Akcaabat Imbiss[3]. Offers burgers in a unique style and fried fish. The meat is very good. Wrangelstrasse 43
• Curry 36[4]. Serves currywurst (sausage in sauce).
Mehringdamm 36, 10961 Berlin
• Konnopke’s Imbiss[5]. Currywurst and more. One of the oldest.
Schönhauser Allee 44a, 10435 Berlin
• Pizza a Pezzi[6]. Pizza slices with fresh ingredients.
Oranienstrasse 176, 10999 Kreuzberg, Berlin
• Burgeramt[7]. As the names says: Burgers.
Krossener Str. 22, Boxhagener Platz, 10245 Berlin

H?¼hner Haus
H?¼hner Haus

Akcaabat Imbiss
Akcaabat Imbiss


There are quite a few party districts in Berlin. Eberswalderstrasse and surroundings in Prenzlauer Berg, Schlesischestrasse and Oranienstrasse as well as the Bergmann Kiez in Kreuzberg and Simon Dach Strasse and Revaler Strasse in Friedrichshain being some of them. Select according to partying type and music taste.

• Club der Visionaere[8]. Techno and chill bar on a canal partially on floating platforms.
Am Flutgraben 1, 12435 Berlin
•  Privat Club[9]. Alternative Rock basement club.
Pücklerstrasse 34, 10997 Berlin
•  Watergate[10]. Supposedly one of the best techno clubs in Europe. Suggested if you’re into the scene. 
Falckensteinstr 49, 10997 Berlin X-berg
• Dr Pong[11]. It’s a ping-pong bar!! Customers gather around a table and play the game while drinking.
Eberswalder Strasse 21, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
• Tresspassers2[12]. Offers numerous types of vodka.
Fehrbelliner Str. 94 Ecke Christinenstr. (am Teutoburger Platz),
10119 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
•  King Kong Klub[13]. Alternative bar/ club.
 Brunnenstrasse173, 10119  Berlin  Mitte
•  Ankerklause[14]. Nice bar on a canal.
Kottbusser Damm 104, 10967 Berlin


You can find basketball courts all over Berlin, but most of them feature silly plastic rims that kind of alters the whole game. Some decent courts you can find are in YAAM club[15] and in the park surrounding the Max Schmeling Halle[16] (Alba Berlin’s old home arena)

YAAM club
YAAM club


As you know Berlin has plenty of attractions to offer due to its rich and diverse history suitable just about every taste. We couldn’t list everything here even if we wanted to so we will propose a couple of walks and give you links to Berlin tourist services. You can begin your walk by going to Alexanderplatz[17] ubahn station. You can’t miss the gigantic TV Tower[18] right on the square. The tower also features a restaurant that can be accessed via an elevator and offers a fantastic view of many miles.

Continue your walk visiting the City Hall[19] and the Neptune Fountain[20] . A few meters further lays the Museum Island[21] featuring the Pergamon museum, the New and the Old Museums, the Berliner Dom and others. You will probably find enough things to do to spend a couple of hours there. Once done, just continue by walking down the Unter den Linden Street[22] , that offers many historical buildings, all the way down to the famous Brandenburger Tor[23] , Berlin’s best-known attraction. From there the huge Tiergarten Park[24] lies on your left hand, the Parliament[25] on your right and the Siegessäule[26] straight ahead.

Walking down the road on your left will get you to the Potsdammer Platz[27] that features some impressive modern architecture like the Sony Centre and the DB tower. Hop in the metro headed to Berlin Zoo station[28]. There you will find the Gedächtnis Kirche[29] – a bombed church during the World War II that was left it half ruined to remind the terror of the war. You can also visit the Berliner Zoo[30] and Aquarium just a few meters from there. Walk up and down the Ku’damm Street[31], Berlin’s most prominent shopping street right up to the Wittenberg Platz station[32] where you will find one of Europe’s biggest and most impressive malls the KaDeWe[33]. Make sure to visit the delicatessen department on the top floor.

For more information on sights that the city offers please check the following websites.



The best part of Berlin. You can get just about everywhere with the Metro, busses, trams, bikes or even ferries! On the weekend metro runs 24 hours, and during the weekdays there are numerous night busses that will get you where you want. Depending on the length of your stay you can get the appropriate ticket. For more info check here http://www.bvg.de/index.php/en/Bvg/Index/folder/709/name/Fares+Overview

There are also Rent-a-Bike services, or for spontaneous bikers pick up one of the DB bikes that are to find in random parts of the city and pay using your mobile phone.


Depending on taste there are various shopping districts. The afore mentioned Ku’Damm street near Berlin Zoo offers many malls and flagship stores as does the area around Alexanderplatz and Weinmeisterstrasse[34] up to Schönhauser allee[35] in Prenzlauer Berg. In Friedrichshain you can find many smaller shops and the Oranienstrasse in Kreuzberg is also more than a visit’s worth (on May 1st it is the centre of demonstrations though). A couple of flea markets are also fun like the one on Boxhagener Platz[36] in Friedrichshain and the one in Mauer Park near the Max Schmeling Halle. Both on Sunday.

Well, we hope to see as many of you we can in Berlin and enjoy your stay in this wonderful city!

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