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“All Over The World” Just Got Smaller

WorldWith rumors flying in the US about NBA players heading overseas, maybe it’s time to take a look at what David Stern means when he talks about global basketball.

My fear is that David Stern’s stance of bringing the NBA to the world will be met with disdain – it smacks of imperialism. The tone of a lot of American blogs/Web sites is one of panic at the thought of NBA players fleeing the US in droves, which doesn’t lend itself to the thought of a global NBA.

Personally, I love the idea of one world, one team – or at least one world, one giant league. However, the process should be one of blending, not imposing.

Let’s acknowledge that basketball already exists all over the world. Greece certainly brought that to our attention.

FIBA and the NBA have slightly different rules and regulations, so negotiating needs to start now.

The names are already similar. FINBA has a nice ring to it.

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