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CP3, turning it on in the play-offs

Chris Paul, AKA, CP3 has carried the New Orleans Hornets all year, now he’s carrying them through the conference semis.

Chris Paul has been putting up amazing stats this post-season. He’s been carrying the Hornets all year, and he’s continued to do so. He has his team up 2-1 on the all mighty San Antonio Spurs. In all 3 games he’s played over 40 minutes, shot over 50%, averaged more than 10 assists, and averaged more than 20 points. The best part is… This is only his second year in the league. Last year his stats were very close to the same, but he didn’t have much of a supporting cast. Now he’s fully armed, he’s making the players around him better, and he’s doing everything his team needs.

His current post-season stats are:

PPG: 25.6
APG: 11.8
RPG: 4.5
FG%: 52%

(note the double/double average)

Those stats are up there with, Bob Cousy, Early Monroe, Isiah Thomas, and Kevin Johnson.

NBATV’s Andre Aldridge and Billy Knight stated that before this man’s career is over, he will be up there with the all time playoff greats.

You can catch the next Hornets – Spurs game Sunday May 11, at 8:00PM eastern time.

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