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Kazlauskas closes the door to Papaloukas

A few weeks ago Papaloukas made known his decision not to play in the World Championship 2010, but some days ago he had a change of heart and decided to play after all, but he did not count Jonas Kazlauskas who refused to allow him to join Greece NT.

Before announcing the 18-men (who are now 16) squad for the World Championsihp Jonas Kazlauskas has called all the players he wanted in the team personally to ask about their intentions and this is why Greece was one of the last teams to announce a prleiminary squad.

Going the extra mile Kazlaukas had called Papaloukas not once but three times in order to convince him to play but received a definite no at the last call due to personal reasons.

But some days ago Papaloukas changed his mind and even booked lad test and a personal coach in order to get fit quickly enough to join the other Greek internationals. But the Lithuanian coach refused to allow him to join the National Team again based on “ethical” grounds.

This seems to be the end of Papaloukas from Greece NT, at least while Kazlauskas is sitting on the bench.

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