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San Emeterio and Oleson new faces for Spain NT

Spanish National Team selector Sergio Scariolo has announced the 24-men preliminary squad for the 2010 World Championship featuring two new faces, that of Caja Laboral’s San Emeterio and Brad Oleson.

The two players led Caja Laboral to an epic 3-0 sweep over Barcelona in ACB finals and their performance did not go unnoticed.

The full 24-men squad, from which only 15 players will continue after July 21, when Spain NT begins its summer cap, is the following:

Pablo Aguilar
Carlos Cabezas
Saúl Blanco
José Manuel Calderón
Victor Claver, Rudy Fernandez
Gabriel Germain
Jorge Garbajosa
Marc Gasol
Sergio Llull
Raúl López
Rafa Martinez
Alex Mumbrú
Juan Carlos Navarro
Brad Oleson
Felipe Reyes
Berni Rodríguez
Sergio Rodriguez
Ricky Rubio
Victor Sada
Fernando San Emeterio
Carlos Suárez
Juanjo Bunting
Fran Vazquez

As it was known before, Pau Gasol will abstain from WC2010 in order to rest. Spain will face Canada, New Zealand, France, Lebanon and Lithuania in the first group stage.

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