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Tony Parker on European GOAT debate: Luka Doncic is no Dirk Nowitzki

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In a recent episode of “The Why with Dwyane Wade,” a co-production of iHeartPodcasts and Wade’s 59th & Prairie Entertainment, Tony Parker, a four-time NBA champion, joined the discussion on the European basketball GOAT debate, particularly focusing on whether Luka Doncic should be compared to Dirk Nowitzki.

“My European GOAT is Dirk Nowitzki…then it’s very debatable with Pau because Pau won so much at the European level,” Parker stated, acknowledging the historical significance of Nowitzki’s contributions.

However, he playfully added, “Yes, it’s true D, I sometimes wish Pau Gasol was not born. I would’ve won a lot more gold medals and a lot sooner.”

Continuing on the criteria for the GOAT title, Parker emphasized, “For me, to be in the conversation, you have to win a championship.” Sharing his personal opinion, he highlighted the importance of understanding what it takes to win a championship, a sentiment that adds weight to the ongoing discourse.

This insightful perspective from Parker sheds light on the importance he places on winning a championship as a criterion for being considered among the greats. The conversation surrounding the European basketball GOAT has been ongoing, and Parker’s remarks add an intriguing dimension to the debate.

The discussion took place on the premiere episode of Wade’s new iHeartPodcasts series, featuring a two-part episode with fellow Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2023 inductees, Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Parker, and Pau Gasol.

As the European basketball landscape continues to evolve, with stars like Luka Doncic making significant impacts, debates about their places in history become inevitable.

Parker’s emphasis on championship success as a key factor adds depth to the ongoing conversation and sparks further discussion among basketball enthusiasts.

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