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Recalcati Italian NT coach no more

ImageAccording to Italian media Carlo Recalcati is after eight years and two medals officially no more the Head Coach of the Italian NT. The Italian Federation and coach Recalcati agreed to terminate the contract that was binding the two parts until September 2010.

Carlo Recalcati has brought Italy a Eurobasket bronze medal and a silver Olympic medal, but has opted not to continue his career with the Italian National Team. The prime candidates to take his place are Simone Pianigiani, Pino Sacripanti and Jasmin Repesa.

Pianigiani seems to be the ideal candidate as for now as he has led Siena to three consecutive Championships. His heavy schedule with the Italian club though could effectivelly become a drawback. Pianigiani has the support of Ettore Messina as the ideal coach for Italy NT.

Sacripanti has a successfull 4-year presence on the bench of the Italian U20 National Team and is in good relations with the Italian Federation. He seems to be the less "problematic" case so far.

Jasmin Repesa only recently retired from the bench of the Croatian NT. Himself he favors coaching a club rather than a National Team and the Italian Federation seems to favor an Italian coach rather than a foreign one. He should not be ruled out though as he also has experience of coaching in Italy.

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