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Flip Saunders Out of Detroit

Flip SaundersNot being able to make the finals ended up snapping Flip Saunders 3 year time with Detroit, he was fired earlier today. Players, and management all seem happy about the decision.

Head of basketball operations, Joe Dumars, said earlier in the year that if the Pistons didn't make the finals Flip was out. And Flip's out… This coming after Rasheed Wallace went on a swearing spree after losing to the Celtics, and really saying he didn't like the way Saunders ran the team. Several of Wallaces team mates agreed, and more importantly Dumars did too. Dumars said he didn't like how long it was taking Saunders to develop his young players, which is crucial as Detroits staters continue to age.

The new Pistons coach is Michael Curry, already hired. Curry was an assistant coach, and he's been moved up. This is why he was not allowed to interview with Phoenix. Dumars said he has faith in Curry, and that he knows that the players know Curry isn't afraid to get in their face, run his basketball team, and get them motivated. Motivation seems like the big thing Saunders had trouble with.

*Flip Saunders had the best winning percentage of coaches who'd coached the Pistons more than two years.

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