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German finals tied at 2-2

ImageIn a series without home wins, it was Oldenburg this time with the "away" advantage (as robbe of ITG said), who beat Telekom Baskets in Bonn to tie the series.

Oldenburg left no chances for Bonn in this one, as they took a double digit lead in the first quarter of the game and kept it untill the end. The final score was 66-82. Now the series returns to Oldenburg and oddly enough the away team seems to be having the advantage.

Telekom Baskets: Rowland 20, Bowler 16, King 7, Bowman 7, Frazier 5, Flomo 4, Strasser 3, Yarbrough 2, Johnson 2

Oldenburg: Paulding 21, Foster 20, Scekic 14, Gardner 10, Boumtje Boumtje 8, Majstorovic 6, Pekovic 3

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