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Greek Basket League Day 3

Rethymno Cretan Kings – AEK Athens 57 – 66

Quarters: 17-15, 31-30, 46-49, 57-66

Referees: P.Anastopoulos, Mpitis, Kaldiris  Venue: “Melina Merkouri” Indoor Hall

Analysis: AEK Athens won Rethymno Cretan Kings in Crete (57-66). Steven Burtt and Keith Clanton shined early and the amazing defence by the players of the Cretan team gave Rethymno a 17-15 lead in the first quarter. The nice playing by Vince Hunter (AEK Athens) restored a 7-9 from 0-7 in the first part of the first quarter. Ex-Darussafaka player Howard Sant-Roos debuted for AEK Athens in the second quarter and scored his first points quickly, but the mistakes by the visitors, plus the point from Bracy Davis, gave the lead to Rethymno in the end of the first half (31-30). AEK Athens coach Luca Banchi also received a technical foul after the end of the second quarter.

Burtt scored many points in the start of the third quarter, but AEK with Sant-Roos, Hunter (mainly in defence) and Giannoulis Larentzakis took the lead in the end of the third quarter (46-49). A 3-pointer by Xavier Rathan-Meis and a great shot by Sant-Roos restored a 46-49 AEK in the end of the third quarter. Burtt’s 4th foul and Christoforos Razis’ 5th one was a big problem for Rethymno head coach Stavros Mykoniatis. Larentzakis scored many points (3-pointers mainly) and AEK was in front by 12 points, although Rethymno made a last great attempt to reduce the score (55-63), but a follow by Roberson gave AEK the second win in the Basket League this year. AEK will travel to Patra to play against Promitheas next week, whereas Rethymno will face Panathinaikos on the road in the fourth gameweek.


Rethymno Cretan Kings Best players: Points: Steven Burtt (17 points), Rebounds: Keith Clanton (13 rebounds), Assists: Keith Clanton (4 assists)

AEK Athens Best players: Points: Giannoulis Larentzakis (15 points), Rebounds: Tyler Roberson (7 rebounds) , Assists: Vasilis Xanthopoulos (3 assists)

Peristeri– Holargos: 71-62

Quarters: 12-16, 27-30, 54-41, 71-62  Referees: Karakatsounis-Stamatopoulos- Tsonos

Venue: Peristeri Arena

Analysis: Peristeri remained undefeated and one of the teams with a perfect 3-0 record, while Holargos dropped to 1-2. Holargos led by four in the first quarter (12-16). The team from Athens scored in the last two minutes of the first quarter. The visitors made a great performance in the start of the second quarter with 7 consecutive points in the first 5 minutes. Peristeri tried to narrow the distance, Ryan Harrow scored a buzzer-beater and the hosts reduced the gap to 3 points (27-30).

In the second half, the visitors came with 27-30, but the hosts finished the second half in a better way and took a 54-41 lead in the end of the third quarter. Peristeri scored fourth consecutive 3-pointers in the third quarter and this was very significant for the match result. Holargos found a way to answer only with Vlado Jankovic (14 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists), but Peristeri won 71-62 for the third consecutive win, for the first time since 2000.


Peristeri Best players: Points: Steven Gray (16 points), Rebounds: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos (10 rebounds), Assists: Kiki Clark (5 assists)

Holargos B.C. Best players: Points: Vladimir Jankovic (14 points), Rebounds: Darrin Dorsey (6 rebounds), Assists: Vladimir Jankovic (3 assists)

Kolossos Rhodes – Kymi: 97-90

Quarters: 25-19, 42-38, 56-56, 73-73 ( τέλος κ.α.), 83-83 (OT1), 97-90 (OT2)

Referees: Papapetrou-Pafilis-Diamantis

Venue: “Venetokleio” Indoor Hall

The match between Kolossos Rhodes and Kymi was a derby and Kymi won the match in double overtime (97-90). Kymi started well with 0-4, but Kolossos scored twelve straight points (12-4). Then, Kymi tied the score (12-12). Kolossos scored 9 consecutive points and the team from Rhodes won 25-19 in the first quarter. Kolossos scored many points and tried to win easily (35-29), but Kymi restored the score (35-34). In the end of the second quarter, Kolossos Rhodes was in the lead (42-38). In the first half, Quincy Diggs from Kolossos Rhodes fainted in the first 8 minutes from the start of the game. Kymi tried to tie the match and the team from Euboea achieved this in the third quarter (56-56).

Kolossos Rhodes won the game in double overtime (97-90). In the first minutes of this extra time, Stevie Browning of Kolossos scored 4 points and the team from Rhodes led by 4. Kymi equalized the match with DeMarius Bolds mainly, but the great defence of Kolossos Rhodes and the 8 points gave the win to the hosts. Tyreek Duren was the best player of Kolossos Rhodes and Bolds of Kymi. Also Browning and Dimitris Mavroeidis made a great performance. Kymi will host Peristeri next week and Kolossos Rhodes will come across Ifaistos Limnou in Myrina Lymnos for the fourth gameweek.


Kolossos Rodes Best players: Points: Tyreek Duren (26 points), Rebounds: Dimitris Mavroeidis (13 rebounds), Assists: Tyreek Duren (5 assists)

Kymis Best players: Points: Demarius Bolds (31 points) , Rebounds: Demarius Bolds (10 rebounds) , Assists: Rod Camphor (5 assists)

Paok Thessaloniki– Promitheas: 81-56

Quarters: 21-11, 40-28, 57-42, 81-56

Referees: Koromilas- K.Poursanidis- Tzafleris

Venue: PAOK Sports Arena

PAOK beat Promitheas in the third gameweek of the Basket League (81-56). After the great start of the hosts (21-11), Promitheas tried to narrow the distance, but the match always remained between 12 points for PAOK Thessaloniki. Giannis Athinaiou scored 4/4 3-pointers, Linos Chrysikopoulos scored 16 points, Darius Garrett grabbed 11 rebounds and William Hatcher delivered the ball 7 times.

In the third quarter Promitheas tried for the last time to take the win, because PAOK led only by 6 points (45-39), although Phil Goss and Yanick Moreira were very good and PAOK led by 15 points in the end of the third quarter (57-42). In the fourth quarter PAOK led by 28 points and the team from Thessaloniki dominated Promitheas 79-51. Finally, the score was 81-56. Promitheas were defeated for the second time in the Basket League this year, after Peristeri last week, and Promitheas head coach Makis Giatras must fix the problems, before Promitheas go from bad to worse. PAOK will travel to Athens to play against Holargos next week, whereas Promitheas will host AEK Athens at home.


Paok Thessalonikis Best players: Points: Linos Chrysikopoulos (16 points), Rebounds: Darius Garrett (11 rebounds), Assists: Wiliam Hutcher (7 assists)

Promitheas Patras B.C. Best players: Points: Rion Brown (20 points), Rebounds: Octavius Ellis (6 rebounds), Assists: Nikos Gkikas (5 assists)


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