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FIBA Calendar works better, says Israeli Federation

Israeli Basketball Federation Amiram Halevi has expressed his support for the new international cycle in a letter sent to FIBA.

Halevi also adds that the new calendar will only increase the exposure of the national team, allowing more players to represent the country jersey and give basketball fans the opportunity to see their team play more often in home games.

The letter interestingly adds that the new system is “more convenient for the players”.

Israel will compete in Group H for the World Cup qualifiers and will face Greece, Great Britain, and Estonia.

Via Eurohoops:

Halevi’s letter mentions that the Federation will insist on its players participating in the upcoming games for the World Cup qualifiers. If someone doesn’t comply with the rules, he will receive certain sanctions, as dictated by the Federation’s regulations.

More specifically, it’s written that: “Each player who is invited to the national team’s squad must appear to practices and games as the head coach demands!!!.”

Whoever is not following the rules will be, “… sentenced and expelled from the league games. That’s how we acted in the past and so we will act the same in the future.”

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