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Sasha Djordevic told Milos Teodosic to skip EuroBasket

Photo: FIBA Basketball

One week removed from Serbia’s second placed finish at Eurobasket and it has been revealed that Milos Teodosic’s absence from international duty was not a personal decision.

Instead it was Serbia coach Sasha Djordevic himself that requested that the Los Angeles Clippers skip Eurobasket.

Via Nin:

The decision was mine! I’m saying this for the first time in public. I don’t want to hide behind him [Milos Teodosic] and he was not ready enough. We have to take care of the health of the players. We will need them. I told him to skip this competition and I’ll take responsibility for myself. He agreed and was grateful. We understand each other.


We missed several things for the title. First of all, an extra day of rest that the Slovenians had. Many will not understand this but the players’ recovery is crucial in this tournament. And that one day means a lot. Secondly, if we had at least Stefan Markovic or Nikola Kalinic, I believe that it would’ve been another story.

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