Home Daily Gossip Anthony Davis favors James Borrego over JJ Redick as Lakers head coach

Anthony Davis favors James Borrego over JJ Redick as Lakers head coach

Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/YouTube

While JJ Redick emerges as the frontrunner for the head coaching position with the Los Angeles Lakers, superstar Anthony Davis reportedly leans towards another candidate, James Borrego.

According to a report by Marc Stein on Substack, Borrego, currently an assistant coach for the New Orleans Pelicans, is viewed favorably by Davis as a potential head coach for the Lakers.

The preference for Borrego over Redick stems from various factors, including Redick’s decision not to vote for Davis for All-Defense honors this season, raising questions about their potential compatibility.

Despite Redick’s status as the top contender for the coaching role, the Lakers’ decision-making process could be influenced by Davis’ perspective on the matter.

Both Borrego and Redick have engaged in interviews with the Lakers, both being the only candidates to travel to Los Angeles for in-person meetings.

Even if Redick secures the position, there are indications that he would welcome Borrego as part of his coaching staff, underscoring the potential for collaboration between the two candidates.

As the Lakers navigate their coaching search, Davis’ preference adds an intriguing dynamic to the decision-making process, with the team aiming to align coaching appointments with its long-term vision and player dynamics.

The final decision on the Lakers’ coaching hire will not only shape the direction of the team but also impact the dynamics within the organization and its roster of star players.

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