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Dillon Brooks: Cam had a killer instinct since day one; it took Amen a little while to get going

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Houston Rockets veteran Dillon Brooks said he was proud of the rookie seasons that Cam Whitmore & Amen Thompson had during 2023-24.

Stats: Whitmore- 12.3 PPG/3.8 RPG/45.4% FG/35.9% 3-PT/47 games played

Thompson- 9.5 PPG/6.6 RPG/2.6 APG/1.3 SPG/53.6% FG/62 games played

(via Houston Rockets):

Reporter: “You’ve got those young guys in there with Amen & Cam. A lot of people think that you have that influence on them, but that’s something that they have internally. How were you able to help bring that out of them as far as that competitive edge?”

Brooks: “Cam’s got it already, that aggressive, that killer instinct. He brings it every night. It took a little bit to get Amen, he’s so quiet. But midway through the season, he got more confident, was playing his game. I feel like at the beginning of the year he was trying to find his feet, but I’m proud of those guys and take this momentum into the summer to get better.”

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