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Keith Olbermann calls for Stephen A. Smith’s firing by ESPN

Photo: ESPN/YouTube screenshot

Deranged leftist Keith Olbermann presented ESPN with an ultimatum: either silence Stephen A. Smith or dismiss him from the network.

Olbermann conveyed his demands in a video posted Monday, accompanied by a lengthy 393-word caption. In essence, he urged ESPN to take swift action following Smith’s recent appearance on Fox News.

“WHY ESPN MUST EITHER SILENCE OR FIRE STEPHEN A. SMITH: Its longstanding policy – no, you can’t be a sportscaster on one station and an advocate for a presidential candidate on another station – is right. I know: I helped to author it because the day when you (or I) could straddle both worlds is long gone,” started Olbermann.

For background, Sean Hannity asked Smith about polls demonstrating the growing support for Trump among black voters. Smith attributed the trend to black Americans relating to how the law has been weaponized against the former president.

“By Donald Trump’s statement weeks ago, talking about how he’s hearing that black folks find him relatable, because what he’s going through is similar to what black Americans have gone through. He wasn’t lying,” Smith told Sean Hannity.

“He was telling the truth. When you see the law enforcement, the court system, and everything else being exercised against him, it is something that black folks, throughout this nation, can relate to.”

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