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Lakers will eliminate Nuggets in 6 games, beat Celtics for NBA title, says Skip Bayless

Photo: Peter Baba

Sports analyst Skip Bayless has stirred controversy with his bold NBA playoff predictions, foreseeing the Los Angeles Lakers triumphing over the Denver Nuggets in six games before clinching the NBA championship against the Boston Celtics.

Despite his longstanding criticism of LeBron James and the Lakers, Bayless believes the Purple and Gold will prevail over the defending champions in the first round series.

Bayless cited the Lakers’ late-season fortune and LeBron’s seemingly impeccable timing, suggesting that the basketball gods have favored the Lakers in their matchup against the Nuggets.

The analyst pointed to the Nuggets’ surprise loss against the struggling San Antonio Spurs to lose the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference and Zion Williamson’s injury in crucial play-in game against the Lakers, among other favorable instances for Los Angeles.

With confidence in Anthony Davis leading a playoff charge, Bayless remains steadfast in his belief that the Lakers will overcome all obstacles on their path to championship glory.

“I’ve picked the Lakers to win from Day 1. I think they’re just better than the Celtics. AD will go on a playoff run,” Bayless tweeted.

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