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LeBron James rips sleeves off jersey

It’s been no secret over the years that LeBron James is not a fan of sleeved jerseys.

In his time with the Miami Heat, James has rocked jerseys with sleeves and in first season back at Cleveland, he thought that wearing sleeves was over.

Then Cleveland went and tested James’ frustration levels last night when they hosted the New York Knicks.

And in the early stages of the second quarter, James had enough.


After trailing 32-18 after the first quarter, James’ actions were for the positive. The Cavs won 96-86 and the King amassed 23 points.

Via AP:

Frustrated with his shot in the first half, an irritated James ripped the sleeves on Cleveland’s new, black jerseys. The four-time MVP, who has complained in the past that the retro-looking tops are too snug on his arms and shoulders, tore his jersey in the midst of a 4-of-11 shooting performance in the opening 24 minutes.

“I was just frustrated with myself,” he said. “I was just off rhythm and the jersey is the only thing I can go to. I couldn’t do nothing to my face. I couldn’t make a bucket so I had to take it out on something.”

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