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Svetislav Pesic views first game against Team USA as advantageous for Serbia

Photo: FIBA/YouTube

Serbia head coach Svetislav Pesic has expressed optimism about facing Team USA in their first game at the 2024 Paris Olympics, viewing it as an advantageous start for his squad.

In a statement following the Olympic draw, Pesic emphasized the strategic benefit of confronting the formidable American team early in the tournament.

Highlighting the importance of the Quarter-Finals, Pesic outlined Serbia’s potential pathway, expressing relief at the prospect of avoiding a clash with Team USA in that crucial stage.

“For us, it’s not bad to play the first game against the United States, and secondly, if we qualify for the Quarter-Finals, which is always one of the most important games in any major tournament, World Cup, EuroBasket or the Olympics, we would not face them in the Quarter-Finals,” Pesic said, via FIBA.

Pesic’s cautious optimism extends beyond the matchup with Team USA, as he acknowledges the strength of the other teams in Group C, including newcomers from South Sudan and the winner of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Puerto Rico.

“The other teams in our group are also dangerous, very good, with a potential to get Puerto Rico, Italy or Lithuania, teams we had faced at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. South Sudan were an excellent team at the World Cup in Manila, playing modern basketball, very aggressive, with transition offense, and it’s just another confirmation that every game in this tournament will be tough,” the veteran coach added.

With the goal of securing a podium finish, Pesic remains steadfast in his belief in Serbia’s capabilities, emphasizing the importance of each game in their pursuit of Olympic glory.

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