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JJ Redick declares traditional point guard a “dying breed” in today’s NBA

Photo: ESPN/YouTube

Former NBA player JJ Redick recently offered his perspective on the changing landscape of the NBA, asserting that the conventional role of a traditional point guard is fading away as primary ball-handling duties increasingly fall to wing players.

Redick expressed his views on The Old Man & The Three podcast, questioning the relevance of the term “traditional point guard” in the modern NBA.

He emphasized the shift towards big wings taking on the primary playmaking roles, citing examples like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for the Boston Celtics, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Franz Wagner, and Paolo Banchero.

“What it is a traditional point guard in today’s NBA? What does that even mean? Because to me, it’s a dying breed,” Redick said. “There’s certainly still smaller guards that are the primary half court facilitators. We’re seeing over and over now in today’s NBA, the primary ball handles are big wings.

“Who’s initiating the offense for the Boston Celtics? When you get down to it, who is it? It’s Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. It’s LeBron James. It’s Kawhi Leonard. It’s Franz Wagner for the Orlando Magic. It’s Paolo Banchero for the Orlando Magic. It’s big players.”

According to Redick, smaller guards like Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, and Darius Garland, while talented, do not fit the traditional point guard mold.

He identified Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo as some of the last players embodying the classic point guard role, highlighting the evolving nature of positions in today’s game.

“This old notion of ‘We need a smaller guard to bring the ball up.’ And there’s Trae Youngs of the world. There’s the Donovan Mitchells and the Darius Garlands, I get all that. Those guys are not traditional point guards,” Redick said.

“Chris Paul is the last guy. He’s the last guy. Rondo. Who else is there? Who am I missing? Tyus Jones? Okay, Tyus Jones. That’s not what a point guard is anymore. There’s not even really positions. It’s like, you have your ball handler, you have your off ball guys, you have your big. There you go. Who the f*ck cares what a point guard is?”

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