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CJ McCollum’s Vineyard Ambitions: A Slam Dunk into the Wine Industry

CJ McCollum partnered with Adelsheim Vineyard to start his wine label, but is investing in his own vineyard now. (Justin Tucker)

In the world of professional basketball, CJ McCollum is a household name, known for his sharpshooting skills and tenacity on the court. However, McCollum is proving that he’s not just a star on the hardwood; he’s also making a mark in the world of viticulture. As the owner of McCollum Heritage 91, a burgeoning wine company, the NBA player is taking steps to elevate his involvement in the wine industry and share his passion through captivating content on PlayersTV.

McCollum Heritage 91, founded by CJ McCollum, has quickly become a prominent player in the wine market. The brand, named after the athlete’s birth year and his commitment to heritage, focuses on producing high-quality wines that showcase the rich diversity of the industry. McCollum, who has a profound appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship of winemaking, has embraced the role of vintner with enthusiasm and dedication.

CJ McCollum’s foray into the wine business isn’t just about producing exceptional wines. It’s also about sharing knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the industry. In a recent interview, McCollum expressed his interest in creating content that goes beyond the basketball court. He emphasized the importance of educating people about the wine business and introducing them to a world of flavors and aromas they might not have explored.

“At some point for sure. I think content is extremely important,” McCollum stated. “Obviously, as an owner of McCollum Heritage 91, it is important that we continue to educate people on the wine industry, and the wine business. And expose them to not only our product but other products out there that people may have never heard of.”

McCollum’s vision for wine education is not limited to traditional platforms. The NBA star has set his sights on collaborating with PlayersTV, a network that offers a unique blend of athlete-driven content. By combining his passion for wine with the diverse and engaging programming on PlayersTV, McCollum aims to reach a broader audience and share the beauty of the wine world with fans and enthusiasts alike.

The intersection of sports and lifestyle has proven to be a successful avenue for connecting with audiences on a personal level. PlayersTV, with its focus on delivering authentic and compelling content, provides the perfect platform for McCollum to merge his love for basketball with his entrepreneurial venture in the wine industry.

As CJ McCollum explores the realms of content creation and collaboration with PlayersTV, the future looks promising for both the athlete and the wine industry. By leveraging his platform to educate and entertain, McCollum is not only expanding the reach of McCollum Heritage 91 but also contributing to the overall appreciation of wine culture.

In conclusion, CJ McCollum’s venture into the wine business is not merely a sideline project. It’s a passionate pursuit that involves education, exploration, and a commitment to sharing the beauty of the wine world. As he steps onto the court and into the vineyard, McCollum is proving that excellence knows no bounds – whether it’s sinking three-pointers or producing fine wines.

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