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Olimpia Milan fully trusts coach-president Ettore Messina

Photo: FIBA

Amidst baseless speculations surrounding Ettore Messina’s future with Milan, the club swiftly quelled the rumors by announcing a contract extension for the veteran coach until the summer of 2026.

Owner Giorgio Armani and club president Leo Dell’Orco have expressed their full confidence in Messina. Dell’Orco stated, “Mr. Ettore Messina’s contract is extended until June 30, 2026,” as the sole content of the club’s press release.

This announcement comes just a day after Milan’s recent defeat to Sassari in the Italian Lega Basket, putting to rest any doubts about Messina’s coaching tenure.

While the possibility of Messina stepping down can’t be entirely ruled out, it’s crucial to recognize that such a decision ultimately rests with Messina himself, who also serves as the president of basketball operations since the day he joined Milan.

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