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NBA ranks 2nd, EuroLeague 17th in global sports following

Photo: NBA.com

New research conducted by SportsPedia has unveiled the most followed sports leagues and organisations globally across major social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (now X), and TikTok.

Unsurprisingly, three out of the top four entities with the largest fan bases operate in football, with UEFA Champions League boasting almost 100 million more followers than FIFA’s World Cup.

The NBA, the pinnacle of professional basketball, secures the second spot with a collective social media following of 195.3 million across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

This statistic underscores the NBA’s immense global popularity and its ability to engage fans on various digital platforms.

In contrast, EuroLeague, recognized as the second-best basketball competition globally after the NBA, holds the 17th position on the list.

With 2.76 million followers across social media platforms, EuroLeague’s presence signifies a dedicated fan base but highlights the distinction in global following compared to the NBA.

Photo: SportsPedia

As the digital landscape continues to shape sports fandom, these rankings provide valuable insights into the global reach and appeal of major sports leagues and organisations, showcasing the evolving dynamics of fan engagement in the digital age.

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