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Joe Mazzulla apologized to Andre Drummond for ‘Hack-A’ strategy

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The Boston Celtics were aware that they needed to outscore their opponents by a significant margin in the In-Season Tournament to advance.

In their game against the Orlando Magic, they not only had to secure a victory but also maintain a considerable lead over the Brooklyn Nets.

This led Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla to employ the “Hack-A” strategy on Chicago Bulls center Andre Drummond in the fourth quarter on Tuesday.

After the game, Mazzulla apologized to Drummond for the tactic and discussed the circumstances with Bulls coach Billy Donovan.

Mazzulla acknowledged that it wasn’t just about staying ahead of the Magic but also about outscoring the Nets.

Donovan expressed his discomfort with Boston intentionally fouling Drummond, saying, “I just felt bad for Andre in that situation.”

However, he recognized that the Celtics were pursuing the point differential tiebreaker to win Group C.

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