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Donovan Mitchell: “We’re competitors for sure”

Photo: Cleveland Cavaliers/Twitter

Following yet another defeat against his hometown team, Donovan Mitchell affirmed his participation in the upcoming rematch on Wednesday.

However, his enthusiasm for returning to MSG seemed to have dwindled compared to previous visits, possibly influenced by Tuesday’s resounding 109-91 loss to the Knicks.

This defeat came on the heels of the Cavs’ playoff pummeling by New York, adding to the subdued outlook on the upcoming game.

“You always have that game circled. But at the end of the day, we lost. Move on,” Mitchell said. “It’s a new year. We’re competitors for sure. When you lose to a team like that you want to go out there and get it but we got to go out and get one [Wednesday].

“And if not, we have to move on with this season. A much as we continue to harp on what happened last season, neither of us won the championship.”

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