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Paris Basketball promised a place in EuroLeague

Exciting news has surfaced for Paris Basketball, as reports suggest that the relatively young French professional basketball club has secured a spot in the prestigious EuroLeague for the upcoming season, signaling a significant milestone in their remarkable journey.

Rupert Fabig’s recent tweet has unveiled Paris Basketball’s entry into the EuroLeague for the upcoming season, marking a monumental step for the ambitious French club and its rising prominence in the basketball world.

Currently competing in the LNB Pro A, France’s top basketball division, and EuroCup, Paris Basketball is entering only its third season in the country’s premier league. In the past two seasons, the team finished 15th and 9th, narrowly missing out on the playoffs.

Paris Basketball is playing its home games at the 5,000-seat Halle Georges Carpentier, which falls below the EuroLeague’s average capacity.

The inclusion of Paris in the EuroLeague is a significant step toward the league’s long-standing goal of having teams in both Paris and London. With Paris’s reported entry into the league, it may open the door for the London Lions to follow suit in the near future.

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