Home EuroCup London Lions triumph in Hamburg scoring galore

London Lions triumph in Hamburg scoring galore

Image by Freepik

The London Lions secured their second victory by triumphing over Veolia Towers Hamburg with a scoreline of 100-94 on the away turf.

Despite being without their head coach Petar Bozic, who couldn’t make it to Germany due to illness, the British squad emerged victorious.

Matt Morgan stole the spotlight with an impressive scoring display, contributing 21 points to the team’s success.

Gabe Olaseni and Tarik Phillip also made significant contributions, each adding 18 points to the scoreboard.

Conor Morgan came close to achieving a double-double with 17 points and nine rebounds, while Donte Grantham, the hero of Round 1, wrapped up the game with 10 points.

Despite Aleksander Dziewa’s notable effort of scoring 28 points for Hamburg, it wasn’t sufficient to secure a win.

Seth Hinrichs, Ajlami Durham, and Mark Hughes chipped in with 16, 13, and 10 points respectively, but couldn’t turn the tide in favor of Veolia Towers Hamburg.

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