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Limited progress on three-way trade involving James Harden and Jrue Holiday

Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/Twitter

The 76ers are actively exploring ways to acquire veteran guard Jrue Holiday through discussions with the Trail Blazers.

A significant factor contributing to this uncertainty is the status of James Harden, who has expressed reluctance to play for a team managed by Daryl Morey.

Philadelphia has sought a three-way trade involving the Clippers and Trail Blazers, with the vision of Harden joining the Clippers and Holiday coming to the 76ers.

However, according to Kyle Neubeck of PHLY, discussions haven’t gained significant traction.

Harden may skip Philadelphia’s media day, and his participation in the training camp remains uncertain.

As prospects for a multi-team trade involving Harden wane, a direct trade between the 76ers and Blazers for Holiday seems increasingly unlikely.

The Sixers have consistently maintained that young guard Tyrese Maxey is not available in trade discussions.

Portland is evaluating offers from several teams, with the Celtics and Clippers emerging as leading contenders for Holiday’s services.

One minor complication arises from the Damian Lillard trade—Holiday cannot be bundled with other players in an outgoing trade from Portland for the next two months. Nevertheless, he is eligible to be traded immediately as long as he is exchanged alone.

The Blazers are reportedly seeking multiple first-round draft picks in exchange for Holiday or a combination of draft assets and young talent.

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