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Daryl Morey Hints at Summer Overhaul at the 76ers

Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/YouTube screenshot

Another season, another year of disappointment in the books for the Philadelphia 76ers.

They continue to deft pre-season expectations – and not in a good way – with their premature exits from the playoffs.

Philly have now failed to go beyond the Conference semi-finals every year since 2000/01, with their first-round exit to the New York Knicks in May the last straw as far as Daryl Morey is concerned.

The Beginning of the End?

It’s not as if the 76ers are simply being outclassed by better opponents in the post-season, either.

As per the sports betting odds for the 2023/24 NBA Championships, the Knicks have little more than an 8/1 chance to lift the trophy – behind the Boston Celtics (10/11), Minnesota Timberwolves (11/4) and others in the market.

A betting calculator confirms that a £10 bet on the Knicks would yield £80 in profit should they win the NBA Finals – proof, if any were needed, of how little they are revered by punters.

So the upshot is that the 76ers have underperformed on the big stage once more – a scenario that president Morey has become sick and tired with from his roster of players.

He told reporters immediately after his side’s 2-4 defeat was confirmed that his approach in the trade window this summer will be counter to what you normally hear from NBA chiefs: “We’re not going to have continuity,” Morey said. “We’re going to have a lot of changes.”

The 51-year-old did intimate that, while heads will roll, he will look for the 76ers to hang on to their coach – music to the ears of Nick Nurse – and their star players, which is a hands-off message to the rest of the NBA as far as Joel Embiid is concerned.

The center has again enjoyed a tremendous campaign, with the 2023 MVP serving up a career-best 34.7 points per game during the regular season, plus his best-ever returns when shooting from distance.

Whether Morey can convince Embiid to stay is another matter entirely…

On the Block

Only three 76ers players, aside from Embiid, managed to average 15 points per game or more during 2023/24.

Only four, Embiid included, mustered five or more rebounds per game too, so you can see why Morey has been left so frustrated by his players.

If the president is to be taken at his word, nobody in the 76ers’ locker room is safe from the chopping board this summer, although Tobias Harris and Kelly Oubre Jr might feel hard done by in that regard – they were solid enough when called upon.

But they aren’t starting class for a franchise with NBA Finals ambitions, so Morey knows he will need to be savvy in the trade window to add some elite pieces to his team alongside Embiid.

Harris and Oubre are just two of a number of free agents within the 76ers roster – at least five regular operators at the Wells Fargo Center will be available via free agency, which at least gives Morey and his back-office team plenty of freedom to work.

Paul George and Pascal Siakam are just two of the names being mentioned as possible incomings, with both providing the X Factor that this 76ers roster so badly needs if they are to live up to pre-season expectations in 2024/25.

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