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Steph Curry expresses interest to suit up for U.S. in 2024 Olympics

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Stephen Curry already got it all for his hall fame resumé, but an Olympic gold medal remains significantly missing in his collection.

In a recent interview with NBA Today following his celebrity golf triumph in the ACC, Curry was asked about his interest to potentially play for the United States in next year’s Olympics in Paris. The Golden State Warriors superstar, in response, can only drop an anticipating word for international hoop fans.

“That’s the one piece of the resume that coach [Steve Kerr] always likes to joke that I don’t have,” Curry said. “He’s already kind of recruiting for next summer…

“I have no idea what the next summer will look like. It obviously is an extra bonus that coach Kerr is leading that charge. I love to play for him any day of the week. We’ll see how it goes come summer of 2024.

Curry already captured two FIBA gold medals as he represented the United States in back-to-back tourneys last 2010 and 2014. As such, to completely immortalize his legacy, it is only fitting that an Olympic gold will ultimately seal it.

With Steve Kerr calling the shots for the Americans on the international stage, chances are truly high for Curry to finally lace up and go for that Olympic experience.

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