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Celtics ‘pissed’ over Bulls’ release of Goran Dragic that led to Bucks signing

Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Apparently, the Boston Celtics didn’t like a significant move by a fellow Eastern Conference team to intensify their arch-nemesis for the NBA title this season.

Heavy’s Sean Deaveney revealed key info from an anonymous Eastern Conference executive that the Celtics aren’t pleased with how the Chicago Bulls cut their ties on Dragic, only for the veteran guard to have his way toward inking a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks.

“They are one of the teams p-ssed that the Bulls let Goran Dragic go,” the executive said of the Celtics. “With Jae Crowder, the Bucks just have all this depth at every spot [now].

“If you go back to the Christmas game, the Celtics have always felt good about what they can do against Milwaukee,” the executive added. “But now, Milwaukee has this extra layer of flexibility they can throw at the Celtics, a guy who can surprise you, play 20 or 25 minutes, and help you win a game.”

Both Bucks and Celtics have been pegged as two of the best contenders this year. After occupying first place in the East for the majority of the season, the Cs found themselves now trailing the Bucks atop the board with the season slowly reaching the postseason stage, being 2.5 games behind.

Boston got every reason to take an issue with this. Milwaukee perfectly addresses their lack of defensive wing this season by gaining Jae Crowder, while providing themselves another ball handler in Dragic. With around 16 games left on their schedule, they have been blending well in preparation for another potential championship journey.

Dragic is yet to play with the Bucks this season, but his presence and experience can certainly do a lot for the Giannis Antetokounmpo-led club.

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