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Toronto-Denver ending highlights new officiating concern with Scottie Barnes ejection

Photo: Toronto Raptors/Twitter

Add the recent Toronto Raptors-Denver Nuggets endgame to the list of the lopsided NBA basketball closers marred by officiating blunders.

As the Raps were looking to play tight against the Nuggets with them trailing by one, things got questionable when Jakob Poeltl was called for a foul against Aaron Gordon.

Shocked by the whistle, Toronto players were left curious, including Scottie Barnes who appeared spitting a few words after the sequence. 

But in the most bizarre way possible, crew chief Scott Foster was triggered by Barnes’ response, instantly ousting the young forward with a technical which ultimately cost Toronto the entire match and allowed Denver to get much away to claim the win.

Barnes and other Raptors players were stunned on the call, with head coach Nick Nurse fuming on the sidelines.

Jamal Murray sank the technical free throw, Nuggets eventually prevailed via a 118-113 win, but the Barnes ejection left an indelible unpleasant impression yet again on the part of league referees.

Following the game, Barnes made it known his insight on the ejection that was slapped to him by Foster, through his postgame availability, and on Twitter.

“I was just saying something to myself and I guess he took offense to it, so just kicked me out of the game,” Barnes said.

But referring to the pool report of the Monday match, Foster argued for his call in what he believed was a result of the reigning Rookie of the Year raising doubts about their integrity.

With the loss, Raptors were hindered to climb up one step above the Eastern Conference ladder. With this, the influence of officiating – even by just one, single whistle – truly yields power in determining the position of teams in the association.

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