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LaVar Ball optimistic about Lonzo Ball’s ongoing knee recovery

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LaVar Ball is very much optimistic that Lonzo will be able to get over the hump.

Joining “Stacey King’s Gimme the Hot Sauce” podcast, Ball made it known that his eldest son is set to get back on track amid the gloom that surrounds him and the Chicago Bulls this season.

“Lonzo is going to be fine,” LaVar said, via Ryan Gilbert of Audacy. “He’s only 25 years old. He’s going to get his stuff together and then he’ll be ready to play and do his thing again,” Ball said. “People just got to stay off that and thinking ‘Oh, you’re going to come back tomorrow, or next week, or next month.’”

After his 2021-22 season was cut short due to needing knee surgery, Ball took another one last season. But his recovery remains in slow progress, which gives the Bulls a painful signal that he won’t be ready this year.

“I mean he had some debris in the nerve. That’s going to cause you to do some other things. That’s why he couldn’t get nothing done,” he said. “It don’t allow you to stretch like that. But all that’s done now. So now it’s about getting your strength back and then getting your endurance.”

Ball’s ongoing rehabilitation has been subjected to speculations. Team doctors have been wondering about the sluggish healing of his knee, and the club’s fanbase has been growing their own pessimism as the season continues to make progress.

But indeed, LaVar made it known to Lonzo that rushing things out won’t help his career and the Bulls team.

“Like I told him, do everything slow. Don’t be 70% and try to come out there, be 100%,” he said. “So whenever you’re 100% come back and be ready to go. It ain’t about sitting out one game, 20 games. Worry about the money and stuff like that? Nah. Just make sure you’re healthy and good to go where you can play the same way.”

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