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Draymond Green gives his take on Rui Hachimura trade

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The Lakers broke the trade market by acquiring Rui Hachimura from the Wizards. It is the most discussed transaction this week.

Draymond Green joined the talk by sharing his views on the trade. According to the four-time NBA champion, Hachimura was a good addition to the Lakers.

“The Rui trade is very good for the Lakers because anytime you can get length and athleticism, it’s always helpful,” Green said on his podcast. “Rui can defend multiple positions and Rui can stretch the floor and knock the three down.

“Now he’s shooting it at 40 percent which is really good and it’s not on one attempt a game. He’s shooting a good amount of them. But Rui’s shot is the mid-range shot and as you get into the playoffs, when you got a mid-range shot that bodes well in the playoffs. The reason I say the Lakers win this trade is because this just adds another player that can do multiple things.”

Despite the positives that Hachimura brings to the Lakers, Green does not think he makes a major difference for Los Angeles.

“You got Rui, I think that’s a good trade for the Lakers. Does that get them over the hump? Not necessarily. What’s going to get them over the hump is what they’ve already had.

“You don’t make trade often that just gets you over the hump n the middle of the season. Doesn’t really happen often. So, does it get them over the hump? No. What has to get you over the hump is LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook. Now, does it make them a better team? Absolutely, 100 a better team.”

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