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Lakers’ newest possible trade plans revealed by Woj

Despite being heavily watched to potentially make a huge roster swing soon, it appears that the Los Angeles Lakers will settle for minimal moves this season.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski pointed out his belief that the Lakers might not go for “big big” deals and instead opt to still make transactions to make the team much better.

Their injuries, inconsistent performances, Anthony Davis’ ongoing foot recovery, as well as LeBron James’ cryptic hints to finally pull the trade trigger, have been making raucous noise around L.A. to make necessary acquisitions – as they are currently standing in a shaky 20-25 record that is getting too much distant for at least even a Play-in spot in the Western Conference.

The Lakers indeed have two unprotected first-round picks for 2027 and 2029, which have been gaining significant interest amongst rival teams. But it remains yet to be seen if they will touch the needle and throw it away for modification – a move that is considered a high risk-high reward given their current status and the looming free agency case of both James and Davis.

As such, their intentions to go for a gigantic trade splash will only truly depend if an interesting star player becomes available in the market soon. Apparently, the wait can only be extended on their part before picking up the rightful return they will entertain.

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