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Nava Sports Apparel review: Simplistic, yet solid gear for your all-around sports and lifestyle wear

This apparel review was made possible through our partnership with Nava Sports! Want to score and commission high-quality and solid sports gears? Kindly click this for more information.

As a legitimate basketball fan, jerseys are necessities for me. Looking at my collection within my room’s closet, I have a variety of hoops jerseys that were made upon my participation from various small leagues and basketball tournaments. As such, jerseys of NBA players can’t be missed also in my collection, with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James bannering them.

But a certain jersey from my group of basketball clothing stands unique and very much ideal for me. It is explicitly simple, yet comfortable and great on my part to wear. It displays a fitting color combination, with a design so splendidly made.

Nava Sports: A collaboration with TalkBasket.net

This is a sample jersey set that I received from Nava Sports, wherein our company logo (TalkBasket.net) was printed. Upon receiving this, I am very much amazed by its overall design. The way that its parcel was packed, I can’t even develop a stronger initial impression due to its organization and neatness.

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One thing that really stood out to me is the print. Here in my country, the printing style of the majority of print and jersey shops are kind of mediocre in description. They use non-sticky and cheap materials in order to embed the design, which doesn’t really last long in a long-term view especially when washed.

As such, the print made by Nava Sports in the jersey that I received was splendidly done. They opted to pick our logo here in TalkBasket, and I can’t be more satisfied with how it was placed in the clothing material. When I tried washing it, the print didn’t show any signs of fading or damage – truly a job well done.

Clothing material

They used a great type of fabric in making the jersey. Upon wearing it for multiple times, the quality has been really superb and it made me feel like donning a legitimate basketball gear.

The white mesh polyester fabric has my bias in terms of main clothing materials for basketball, and it is amusing that they predicted and matched it in an unexpected way.


Lastly, the comfortability has been great on this jersey made by NavaSports. The mesh polyester fabric isn’t bothering my skin whenever and wherever I play basketball or go for an occasional walk.

I am at ease when I am wearing this jersey, which really fits well here since our country has a tropical climate.


To conclude this review, I am truly surprised and delighted by the high-quality jersey that I received from Nava Sports. It already stood out as one of my favorite sports gear to wear due to the print, clothing material and comfortability it wears – a superb three-in-one combination that you can’t ask for more for a basketball uniform.

Interested to grab one? Visit their site to take a look. Nava Sports offers great, high-quality gears from all across sports — encompassing basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, and more.

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