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Joel Embiid focused on leading Sixers than choosing between U.S. or France for international basketball

Looking at his international endeavors, Joel Embiid has a big-time decision coming up regarding his nationality. With the 2024 Olympics slowly looming, he is gaining significant buzz and offers from both the United States and French national teams.

But for Embiid, he remains focused and committed to helping the Philadelphia 76ers have a productive 2022-2023 season and ultimately lead the club to the mountaintop of the NBA as relayed by league insider Marc Stein.

“I don’t want to talk about international stuff,” Embiid said.

I had a feeling going in, actually, that he would be reluctant to entertain the topic of which way are you leaning. But I did press him for one follow-up: Why is it an off-limits topic?

“Because it’s the NBA season,” Embiid said. “I’m focused on us getting better as a team and me getting better as a player. I’m focused on making it to the playoffs and doing something there. I’m gonna worry about the rest later.

“For now,” Embiid added, “it’s all about trying to do whatever is possible to win a championship.”

Should Embiid joins France, he will form a formidable triple tower with Rudy Gobert and young wunderkind Victor Wembanyama – a threatening two-way frontcourt slate that will put fears in the overseas stage. If he chooses the U.S. on the other hand, he can only make their program much invincible as it is.

As such, the superstar big man has that reasonable response, with the Sixers still looking to gel after an injury-riddled start this season.

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