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Stephen Jackson says ESPN used Rachel Nichols as their ‘scapegoat’

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On the latest episode of All The Smoke, Stephen Jackson tells Rachel Nichols why he stood up for her during the ESPN drama.

(Via All The Smoke):

“Imagine yourself working somewhere 25 years for a job and they wanna use you as a scapegoat to fix something that they’ve been f****** up for years. It don’t work like that, and that’s not fair to nobody of no race. That’s how I took it. It just wasn’t right. I didn’t mind jumping out there and standing up for you because I love you and I know you. We wouldn’t be here without you. People just gotta put themselves in somebody else’s shoes sometimes before you just jump out there and judge, and just already make it racial.

“I would be upset the same God damn way if I’ve been working my life for a job for 20 years and just because you’ve been messing something up your whole last 20 years, you wanna use my situation to make it look better and make me take a step back on the job that I’ve been working for. It don’t work like that! That wasn’t fair. So I understood it and that’s why I stood up for you.”

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