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Fourth release of NBA Creator Series in Europe features UK artist Reuben Dangoor

The fourth release of the NBA Creator Series in Europe features the UK artist Reuben Dangoor. The NBA Creator Series is a series of original artwork commissioned by the NBA featuring artists from France, Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK in celebration of the league’s landmark 75th Anniversary Season in 2021-22. Featuring a diverse range of styles and compositions, each piece of artwork is centered around the artists’ passion for the NBA, their favorite moments from the league’s history, and the connections between Europe and the game of basketball. 

British artist Reuben Dangoor creates work heavily influenced by current affairs and his surroundings in London. As the first artist to bring the stars of the Grime music movement into British museums, his work and collaborations have appeared in TV shows and as part of consumer and fashion brands and videogames. In 2018, his work went viral when his line drawings of the England Men’s National Football Team were picked up online, in print and on TV. Reuben’s artwork will be released today Aug. 23 on Facebook (@nbauk), Instagram (@NBAEurope), Twitter (@NBAUK) and YouTube (@NBAEurope). 

“I am really happy to be included in the project, alongside some amazing artists and an awesome landmark of the game,” said Dangoor. “When art and sport overlap it can be a really exciting prospect.

I’ve tried to incorporate the action of the game and athleticism of Luol Deng with British culture. I’ve also included several Easter eggs for eagle eyed NBA fans to try and pick up on.”

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